A team experienced in Oil and Gas. Logistics & Transport. Maritime. Construction. Health & Safety. Workforce Training. Project Management. IT Solutions.

Kraken Workforce Solutions brings together cross industry expertise. Our clients need look no further for guidance, support and access to first class resources to achieve their goals. Our team has over a combined experience of more than 45 years, operating in Oil and Gas, Logistics & Transport, Maritime, Construction, Health & Safety, Workforce Training, Project Management, IT Solutions

Our Experience

Kraken Workforce Solution is built upon the skills of its management team and is uniquely positioned to solve many common workforce challenges its competitors simply cannot.

The team combines extensive experience across the logistics, transport, manpower, construction, procurement and shipping industries. We know how to implement the right technology, effectively, to solve many modern communication challenges and can deliver large-scale projects on-time and to budget. We're passionate about Health and Safety Environment and Security Services (HSES) and we've helped many businesses - particularly within the Oil and Gas industry - to operate safely and optimally. Our online training and certification programs empower your own workforce and achieve excellence and efficiencies you would normally need to 'buy-in'. If you need to achieve regulalatory compliance - look no further.

Core Values


IWS has the courage and determination to succeed where others may falter or lose their nerve.


IWS is a creative business with a pioneering spirit that thrives on fresh challenges and ideas.


Commercial acumen, technical expertise, business integrity and pride in “getting it right” represents the cornerstones of our business.


We believe that our ability to succeed depends on the quality and resilience of our relationships.

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